Selling at the Daily Rental Shop


About this solo exhibition
This work is an extension of the dealing process of my paintings. Part of my paintings in the “Image” series were sold in ART TAIPEI 2012 through a gallery agent. Then, I sold the remaining parts, together with my gold ring, to a local pawn shop. The dealing process in the pawn shop was recorded and become a work “PAWNING - Oil Painting and Gold Ring”. 

I tested the value change of my painting by exposing them to the different dealership systems (Through the Gallery to Sell / Pawn by Myself) at different sites (Art Fair / Pawn Shop).

Does the “artwork” have the same value in these two different dealing processes? It really depends on who is judging and where the judging takes place. During the art making process, I am more interested in finding the invisible value beyond the monetary value that attaches to the “artwork”.

I produced 30 copies of a DVD of this work and rented a daily rental shop for selling and showing the DVDs and paintings. And I created a performance by setting up a shop to sell the documentary videos and my paintings. I intended to expand the definition of the paintings to include their role as objects in my paintings. They are shown as a circumstantial concept here. After all, do the paintings still have their value as ARTWORKS?

I made a situation in which I sold the DVDs directly at the shop. I performed as a shopkeeper. Through the communication with the customers, I was seeking a person who was interested in buying and collecting my whole shop. In the end, I was not successful at finding a person to collect my solo exhibition.

  • Presenter: LAI Long Sang
  • Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
  • Opening: 30/03/2013 (Sat), 5pm - 8pm
  • Date: 22/03/2013 (Fri) – 04/04/2013 (Thu)
  • Time: 1pm - 7pm
  • Venue: Shop 9A, On Fu Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong (near to the Hong Kong Railway Museum)

這展覽是我對於畫作買賣過程的延伸。透過畫廊,繪畫作品《圖像》系列 在2012台北國際藝術博覽會中賣出了其中一部份;然後,我將未能賣出的油畫及自己的金戒指,拿去當舖典當。這個過程被紀錄下來,並成為《典當物件 – 油畫與金戒指》這件作品。在不同場域中 (藝術博覽會 / 當舖),我以不同的買賣手法 (透過畫廊出售 / 自己拿去典當),嘗試衡量繪畫價值在不同場域下的轉變。

經過兩次的出售過程,「藝術品」的價值有否增加、減少或不變? 這是相對於誰去判斷或在何處被判斷。我在創作過程中,更有興趣發掘和超越「藝術品」那除了金錢以外,看不見的價值。

我製作了三十隻《典當物件 – 油畫與金戒指》的DVD,並租了一間日租舖展示和出售這隻DVD和畫作。透過以上的行動與過程,我嘗試擴充繪畫作品的定義,畫作視為一件單純的物件,同時也作為一個被完整鋪陳的概念。到底這些繪畫作品本身作為「藝術品」的價值,是如何被定義的呢?

我創造了一個情境以店主這角色重新介入於作品之中,透過與客人的接觸,尋找有興趣收藏這展覽 (作品) 的買家。然而最後,我並沒有找到這個人。

  • 主辦:黎朗生
  • 資助:香港藝術發展局
  • 開幕:30/03/2013 (六),下午五時至晚上八時
  • 日期:22/03/2013 (五) 至 04/04/2013 (四)
  • 時間:下午一時至晚上七時
  • 地點:香港大埔安富道9A地鋪 (鄰近大埔火車博物館)